PRINCE Focus areas

F & B Investment

Our goal is to provide value to our shareholders by generating attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.


Delivering affordable healthcare to India's 1.25 billion population presents enormous challenges and great opportunities for International collaborations.


The robust inflow of foreign tourists as well as increased tourist movement within the country makes hospitality industry one of the key drivers for growth of the Indian economy.

Financial Services

To support entrepreneurs at every stage of their development from idea to IPO, the PRINCE Holding plans to set up GFRC.


Widely known as the “Knowledge Diaspora”, the HNI community can play a lead role in the education, training and research segments, creating a knowledge based society.


Sports and sports training offer great potential for the participation of the HNI community due to the changing economic scenario and favorable demographics.


Promotion of art, culture and heritage is one of the prime mottos of PRINCE consortium whereby addressing the yearning of the HNI community, to connect back to their roots.

An expedition in tranquility.

The Indian hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key industries driving growth of the services sector in India. It is having a healthy growth fuelled by continuous inflow of tourists from abroad. There is a very good movement of tourists within the country as well. India is becoming a leading player in the tourism industry globally. Even during the economic down turn, Indian tourism recovered fast.

Being a promising area for growth and expansion, PRINCE will explore attractive tourism projects as good investment opportunities.

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