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Welcome to PRINCE Holding

PRINCE Holding is a consortium of Non-Resident Indians (HNI) from around the world, comprising of a varied mix of highly qualified and experienced HNI professionals mainly technocrats, doctors, entrepreneurs, chartered accountants and academicians.

PRINCE Holding is a common platform for the HNI community to come together, thereby redirecting human capital movement from more developed countries to their home land, contributing to the reverse brain drain. The knowledge and technology transfer is expected to benefit all sections of the society.

PRINCE HOLDING takes the lead for our HNI community to identify, participate and benefit from emerging opportunities and to make a difference back home.

PRINCE Facilitation
PRINCE Holding, through its Facilitation Centre will be a one-stop-shop which provides end-to-end solutions for setting up businesses and supporting them in various activities for all its members.
PRINCE Philosophy
PRINCE Holding positions itself as a collective investment platform for HNIs who want to relocate themselves to India. It will be a facilitator par excellence in so far as it meets every conceivable need of its HNI members.
PRINCE Projects
PRINCE will initiate projects under the sectors of Health, Hospitality, Education, Technology, and Sports having sustainability and growth as benchmark measures.
Widely known as the Knowledge Diaspora, the HNI community can play a lead role in the education, training and research segments, creating a knowledge based society.
Promotion of art, culture and heritage is one of the prime mottos of PRINCE consortium whereby addressing the yearning of the HNI community, to connect back to their roots.
Sports and sports training offer great potential for the participation of the HNI community due to the changing economic scenario and favorable demographics. The PRINCE consortium is committed to bring in International expertise in training and development to nurture young talent.
Direct Diaspora investments
PRINCE Holding Direct Diaspora Investments (DDI) is a collective HNI investment venture which conceives and implements projects, with a focus on life space, education, hospitality sports and health.
The robust inflow of foreign tourists as well as increased tourist movement within the country makes hospitality industry one of the key drivers for growth of the Indian economy, offering enormous opportunities for HNI participation.
PRINCE Holding is committed to the creation of sustainable, eco friendly green communities targeting lowest possible carbon footprint, while adopting new age eco-concepts, in all our projects and undertakings.
Social face
The PRINCE Holding initiative was born of the yearning of the global Indian community to give back to their homeland. It endeavors to make a difference in the humdrum life of the less fortunate people living around. Empowering communities and eHNIching society through introduction of advanced technologies will be in our priority list.
Delivering affordable healthcare to India's 1.25 billion population presents enormous challenges and great opportunities for International collaborations.
PRINCE Consortium
PRINCE Holding is a consortium of Non-Resident Indians from around the world, comprising of a varied mix of highly qualified and experienced HNI professionals.