What is DDI ?

Diaspora Direct Investment (DDI) refers to direct investments to the home country from members of the Diasporas and companies connected to Diasporas in productive activities. Diaspora members can foster those investments in two ways:

  • The top executives of firms abroad use their managerial experience and technical know-how to persuade their respective companies to invest in their countries of origin;
  • The managers or owners of firms whose parent companies are in their countries of destination, work with start-ups in their countries of origin, to help them develop and finance commercially viable projects.

DDI is a part of a larger transnational superstructure contributing to the integration of societies into the global economy via an interconnectedness of small and large investments, trade, tourism, and remittances.

PRINCE Holding is a unique and ‘first of its kind’ consortium that will collaborate with major Diaspora organizations, institutions, corporate bodies and individuals on one hand and the Central/State Governments and its Agencies on the other, to tap into the investment potentials of the Diaspora, driving investment strategy for value creation, to become part of the great Indian growth story.